2019 was a fun year for me. In addition to branding a contest for Vans Skateboarding, I got to do the same for Vans BMX. Childhood dreams realized.

I used my lineage in the sport to inspire the moves I made, digging deep into the vast (and tasty) graphic design soup that existed within the pages of BMX Plus and Ride BMX.

Much like The Vans Showdown, The Vans Rebel Jam was a newly-revived contest that was re-debuted at the 2019 Vans US Open of Surfing and it was all about having fun.

In additon to the event branding I created an invite video personalized for each participant to the contest.

If you're following along from The Showdown, I was asked to design the trophies for the winners of this event, as well. I took it wayyyyy back to '96 when I used to race BMX. I used to scratch and claw my way to the podium every weekend just to win a ridiculously tall and gaudy trophy that was often taller than me. It was so funny to see these monstrosities come to life—complete with a holographic RJ pattern.

Creative directors: Chase Nann and Erwin Federizo