Show open July 12 - 27, 2013

Monday-Friday, 10am - 5pm

Gallery 135 - 135 NW Park Ave – Portland, OR


What would the future look like if it were envisioned by an artist?

What would an art show look like if it were curated by a scientist?

In the year 2045, the world depends on Mad Science, a private institution dedicated to the protection of our planet. Mad Science uses time travel to transport today's greatest minds into the future to solve the complex problems of tomorrow. Now for the first time, the public is granted access to witness the work that takes place inside.

Welcome to MAD SCIENCE

Featured Artists

Jason Rens

Jason Rens is a creator of art/objects and furniture at SuperMaker, and in the year 2045 is world-renowned for the development of five new and previously-undiscovered shapes as well as the sixth dimension.

Shawna X

Shawna X is an illustrator, designer, and the inventor of a seven-thousand-acre deciduous forest composed entirely of trees that breathe love instead of carbon dioxide.

Jason Blackheart

Jason Blackheart is an art director, designer, and the creative director for Vizify, a personal data visualization tool that could prove instrumental in ending a decades-long war between inhabitants of earth and their violent visually-minded interstellar neighbors.

Nick Stokes

Nick Stokes is an artist and illustrator living in Portland and working in WK12. His breakthrough advancements in human-generated energy once resulted a high-five that powered
New York City for 3.5 hours.

Eric Trine

Eric Trine is a studio artist and designer based in Portland. His work in 2045 combines materials from the future and present to create objects that can destroy entire sections of time and space if not handled with the proper gloves.

Mr. Kiji

Mr Kiji is a creator of graphic art and illustrations. He was born in Japan and raised in New York city and possesses an expertise in pizza and pizza-related toppings that will not be matched in the next 17 centuries.

We're not done yet!
Introducing surprise guest artist


Will Bryant is an graphic designer, studio artist and hot dog enthusiast. His research in the field of neuroscience delves into the positive effects that fun has on mammals, reptiles and marsupials.


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